Kelly Pino - Bio

At this time I have very little info about Kelly Pino.

The following information is based completely on my Internet research through search engines, articels, news groups, and (sadly) rumors.

I beleive Kelly was born sometime in June, 1960 or on November 11 (conflicting research results) and that her full name is Kelly Joanne Pino. I think that she is originally from the Detriot, MI area and lived in California for a few years before returning to Michigan.

My research indicates that the second season of 3-2-1 was not immedately following the first season. The first season was a hit with 65 episodes, but there was not enough funding for an immediate second season. I beleive that this delay is why the cast changed. The second season was shot at Reeves Teletape, which also housed Sesame Street at the time. The second season first aird October 17, 1983.

I don't know too much about Reeves Teletape, other than it was well known for it's CGI used in The Electric Company, but their Manhattan, NYC stage (called "Second Stage") went bankrupt and is now a Staples Store on 81st and Broadway.

Following Kelly's time on 3-2-1 Contact little is known about her career. She definately appeared in several stage productions in the Detriot area and it is rumored that she appeared in several industrial / instruction videos.

Kelly recently appeared in a production of Moonglow by Kim Carney, directed by Jim Posante.

I really wish I could find more information about her more recent works (ie, the things past 3-2-1 Contact). That was my goal when I started this website. I kind of felt that people like Ms. Pino fell into this trap where they did one work that was famous and then try to live beyond that. It's kind of like the casts from the Star Treks. They worked hard to be good actors and sadly many people often can't see past that single charater or even that one episode. 3-2-1 Contact was almost 30 years ago and I wish I could get others to see past this single role.

If you have any further information, updates, corrections, or anything (since I have next to nothing) PLEASE contact me via email.

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