Kelly About Me

Well, I first saw Kelly when PBS showed 3-2-1 Contact and I thought she was neat. For whatever strange reason I followed her career and I just found her to be an interesting person. Hey, everyone needs a hobby, and I find following an actress that isn't in the news daily and has done tons of interesting projects to be a fascinating journy.

My main interests include computers and trains. I love trains: Model trains, real trains, train magazines. I also have a history with music. I have toured Europe twice with a band, played on a cruise ship, and had gigs all over the US. Sadly, I haven't done too much musically these days.

My job deals with computers for a major computer company. I am a former computer science professor at an East Coast US college.

My Kelly Pino interest has been slowly growing over the years. Iíve only really recently started collecting Kelly stuff and diligently recording things on TV. I started this site in hopes of finding other nuts like me with stuff to trade, and to get the word out about a fantastic actress.

This site was written entirely using the 'vi' texted editor on a UNIX operating system and is maintained by hand. No WYSIWYG editors were harmed in the creation of this site.

For more information about me and this site, check out The FAQ.

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